We, Ulrich Kunst and Bettina Scheidulin, are professional photographers and filmmakers living in northern Sweden.

We chose the name "Intensivelight" for our website because of the light up here in the north: always shifting, clearer and brighter than in the middle of Europe, a constant challenge and inspiration for our work as professional photographers and filmmakers.

 In Northern Europe, nature's always near and this closeness has influenced even the modern culture. The forest and the sea still permeate the thinking and feeling and there are many fascinating stories to discover.

We're passionate about nature and its protection and enjoy exploring the relationship between people and the natural world. In our photographs and documentaries we try to show the beauty and fragility of the natural world, to emphasize the importance of living with and not against nature.

Our work has been published around the world in books, advertising campaigns and in movies and commercials.

We provide a wide variety of nature-, wildlife- and stock-photography, available for commercial and personal use and as fine art prints.

Please visit us at our homepage www.intensivelight.net!